Moving on is simple. It's what we leave behind that's hard. - Author Unknown

Monday, October 12, 2009

Birthday Letter to Kara


You tried to come into this world with your feet first. Not a shocker that you haven’t stopped moving in 18 years.

Many times throughout your life you proved to be a different soul and that you came about all of these different traits by each of your life trials.

When you were six you spent two days in a coma with spinal meningitis, they told me that you would probably be dead by morning and if you did live, the fever would have done irreparable damage to your brain. There are times I am sure they were right. (Joking, of course.) But you came out of it without any ramifications.

When you were eight, you lost use of your right arm. No reason was ever given, after a few months of physical therapy, it came back. When you were sixteen it happened again. You are an odd child, with no medical reason to be here… but you are.

I hope you always remember that, you have beaten the odds and are still here. There is a reason for that, do some good with the knowledge, do some good with the understanding that even when you don’t know why you are here… there is a reason. Do something with the time you have been given.

“A parent’s job is to raise their child to be a productive member of society.”

That is the end goal right? I want you to be a productive member not just for you and your future family, but for the rest of the world. We need good people, to stand up for the weak, to help those who can’t help themselves and to make the right decisions.

It's like a director of the greatest play, I can train the cast, teach them their lines and to how to learn their character... it's up to them once the lights go on, to make him/her real. Be real, be honest, be a good person and remember that one day, I won’t be here… not as your mom or a friend… but I’ll always be “here”.

I was your age when you came into this world; I escaped my past with you, a diaper bag and no idea where I was going. You were the reason I pulled out of my path and you saved MY life. Thank you, for being the oldest, for taking care of the younger ones and for giving me a ton of laughs, tears and teaching me how to grow up.

I love you Doodle-Bug, no matter where you end up in your life, remember I love you and am proud of your spirit, your bravery and ability to show yourself even when you are scared of what I will think.

Much love,

Your Mommy

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Day 3

This is my girl.... being totally silly!

Hang in there... one year left!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 2

Today I dropped you off at Barbara's house.

I am a lucky mom, how could I have known that driving you to school this last year would bring us closer together?

We moved into the new house on Saturday, and since then we have:

*Heard you scream from a HUGE spider (Even Dave kept saying how big it was)

*Made it through a lightening and hail storm, picking up some poor kid from the rain and drove him home.

I have a blessed life with you as a part of it. You make me laugh and show me what it's like to be young, to fight off the lines of time and always remember to be fun.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

First day towards the last day

Today was the first day of your Senior year.

Last night I heard you moving around the house, no longer able to sit still, moving the dishes in the sink and putting them in the dishwasher with a sense of urgency. You were worried about having idle hands which would become idle thoughts.

You went to bed with a quick kiss to my cheek and when I went to check on you, I noticed you were tossing and turning, anticipating your last year of high school, seeing your friends, and being, the Queen Bee.

Up early, and dressing yourself with the same fashion sense you have always had. You looked beautiful, stunning with your bright white smile and perfect make up.

I never dreamt this day would come so fast, how could I have known that my baby girl, born in my senior year, would so quickly be a young woman.

My little girl is growing up, carrying the weight of her sheltered world on her shoulders, packed in a pink backpack, full of dreams.

Beautiful, Candy Dreams…